Long-sleeves Straight Snaps Baby Set

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The classic and fashionable Swiss dots pattern in bright colors adds a playful and charming touch to your baby's outfit, making them look absolutely adorable and radiant. The thin button snaps used in the design ensure that there are no skin marks or discomfort while your baby is crawling and exploring their surroundings.

The lightweight elastic waistband of the pants is designed to provide a comfortable and gentle fit without leaving any marks on your baby's delicate skin. It allows for easy movement and ensures that your little one can play and explore freely without any discomfort.


The straight snaps used in the design of this outfit make it quick and easy for mothers to change their babies' clothes. These snaps are conveniently placed along the closure of the outfit, allowing for hassle-free and efficient dressing and undressing of your baby. With a simple and straightforward snap mechanism, you can easily secure or release the snaps, making diaper changes or outfit changes a breeze.

The use of straight snaps eliminates the need for complicated buttons or fasteners, saving time and effort for busy mothers. They provide a secure closure while being easy to handle, ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently dress or undress your baby without any fuss.


Made from Nu Doux fabric, known for its softness and breathability, this set ensures comfort for the baby. The fabric is made of a main cellulose fiber component that provides a cool and smooth silk-like feel. It is designed to be gentle and skin-friendly, providing a comfortable touch against the baby's delicate skin.

The fabric's excellent moisture absorption properties make it suitable for all types of weather, allowing it to effectively wick away moisture and keep the baby dry and comfortable. Whether it's hot or humid, the fabric allows optimal airflow, keeping the baby cool and preventing overheating.