Vintage Baby Bodysuit

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Our Vintage-inspired Baby Bodysuit with Long Sleeves and Cap is a delightful set that brings together the charm of vintage aesthetics and the comfort of modern design. It is carefully crafted to provide complete coverage and warmth for your baby, ensuring they stay cozy and stylish throughout the day.

The vintage-inspired look is achieved through a combination of intricate details. The prints on the bodysuit feature vintage-inspired patterns that add a touch of nostalgia and classic charm. The embroidery work is meticulously done, adding a beautiful and intricate design element to the bodysuit. The choice of classic color combinations further enhances the vintage appeal.

Not only does this bodysuit exude timeless style, but it also prioritizes your baby's comfort. It is made from soft and gentle materials that are perfect for your baby's delicate skin. The long sleeves offer additional warmth and coverage, making it suitable for cooler days or air-conditioned environments. The cap adds a cute and practical touch, keeping your baby's head cozy and protected.


Our Vintage-inspired Baby Bodysuit with Long Sleeves and Cap is made from Japanese Muslin fabric with a double-layered (Double Gauze) surface. This fabric not only adds a touch of luxury but also offers practical benefits for your baby's comfort.

The double-layered design of the Muslin fabric helps the clothes maintain their shape better, ensuring that your baby's outfit always looks neat and put together. The fabric has a smooth surface that is wrinkle-resistant, making it convenient for busy parents who want their baby to look their best without the need for excessive ironing or maintenance.