Girl Bodysuit Set with Footies

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The bodysuit in this set is specifically designed to keep the baby's belly warm, recognizing that it is an extremely sensitive body part that requires careful protection, especially during the early years of life. This feature ensures that the baby stays cozy and comfortable throughout the day.

To protect the baby's feet, the bodysuit incorporates a unique sock attached design. This design helps to keep the baby's feet covered and warm, preventing them from getting exposed or cold.

The use of a seamless fabric cutting technique is employed in the construction of the bodysuit. This technique minimizes the number of seams, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable garment. Combined with a minimalist design, it ensures meticulous attention to detail and eliminates unnecessary elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal while maintaining functionality.

Buttons are incorporated into the design of the bodysuit to ensure sturdiness and durability during use. These buttons provide a secure closure and help to keep the bodysuit in place, even during active movement.

The material used in the set is soft and airy, offering a gentle touch against the baby's skin. This fabric choice provides comfort and allows for proper air circulation, ensuring that the baby stays cool and cozy.


The Nu premium set is made from a combination of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. This fabric composition offers several benefits that enhance the baby's comfort.