Gray Long-sleeve Straight Snaps Set

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The outfit is designed with thin button snaps that are gentle on the skin, reducing the likelihood of leaving marks or irritation while your child is crawling and exploring. These thin button snaps provide a secure closure without compromising comfort.

The lightweight elastic waistband is carefully designed to be soft and gentle on your child's delicate skin. It is designed to fit snugly without leaving marks or causing discomfort. The elastic waistband allows for easy movement and provides a comfortable fit that accommodates your child's activities throughout the day.

To add a charming touch to the outfit, a sweet bow is included as a highlight on the beautiful purple background. This cute accent adds a touch of style and enhances the overall look of the outfit, making it even more adorable.


The outfit is designed with straight snaps, making it quick and easy for mothers to change their babies' clothes. The straight snaps provide a convenient closure system that allows for effortless dressing and undressing of the baby. With just a simple snap, the outfit can be securely fastened or opened, saving time and making clothing changes hassle-free. This design feature is particularly helpful during diaper changes or when you need to dress or undress your baby quickly. The straight snaps ensure that the outfit stays in place while providing ease of use for parents or caregivers.


Nous introduces Melange yarn for the first time, incorporating a unique color knitting effect that is created by blending multiple multicolored fibers. This results in a fashionable and distinctive fabric surface that stands out. The Melange yarn is dyed before being woven into the fabric, which gives it a natural stripe effect. Unlike conventional fabric dyeing, this dyeing method ensures that the colors do not fade or discolor even after multiple washes, maintaining the vibrancy of the garment. Additionally, dyeing from the yarn is considered to be more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to traditional fabric dyeing processes. By using Melange yarn, Nous offers both style and sustainability in its clothing collections.