Green Gray Sando Shorts Set

Giá thông thường CHF 16.60
Giá bán CHF 16.60 Giá thông thường CHF 20.80


This adorable outfit features a tank-top design, perfect for ensuring easy movement and keeping your baby cool and comfortable in warm weather. The sleeveless style allows for unrestricted arm movement, allowing your baby to play and explore with ease. The vibrant green color adds a fun and lively touch to the outfit, adding to its visual appeal.

The grey short pants are designed with your baby's comfort in mind. They are crafted to provide maximum comfort without leaving marks on the skin. The fabric used is soft and gentle, ensuring that your baby's delicate skin remains comfortable throughout the day. The inclusion of drawstrings adds a touch of fashion to the outfit, enhancing its overall style.

This outfit is not only adorable but also practical. The tank-top design and breathable fabric help to regulate body temperature, keeping your baby cool and preventing overheating in warm weather. The comfortable fit of the short pants ensures that your baby can move freely and play without any restrictions.


The sleeveless design of this outfit allows for easy movement, allowing your baby to move their arms freely and engage in various activities without any restrictions. This freedom of movement is especially beneficial during the summer when the weather is warm, as it helps to keep your baby cool and comfortable.

The absence of sleeves allows air to circulate around your baby's body, promoting ventilation and helping to regulate body temperature. This is essential in ensuring that your baby stays fresh and comfortable, even in hot weather. The airflow provided by the sleeveless design helps to prevent overheating and excessive sweating, keeping your baby feeling cool and refreshed.


This outfit is made from a combination of bamboo and cotton material, which offers a unique blend of comfort, breathability, and sustainability.