Baby Pink Dress and Hat

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Our baby gift set features sweet candy colors that add a playful and delightful touch to the garments. These vibrant colors are carefully selected to create a cheerful and happy look for your little one. Whether it's a soft pastel pink, a cheerful yellow, or a refreshing mint green, these candy colors bring a sense of joy and innocence to the set.

To add an extra touch of charm, our designers have skillfully incorporated ruffle details into the garments. These delicate and feminine ruffles add a touch of elegance and whimsy to the overall design. They create a visually appealing texture and movement, making your baby's outfit even more adorable and charming.

As a special highlight, our baby gift set features adorable embroidered bunny motifs. These cute and lovable bunnies are meticulously embroidered onto the garments, adding a playful and endearing element to the design. The bunny motifs not only enhance the overall aesthetics of the set but also bring a sense of warmth and cuteness to your little one's outfit.

Design Features

Absolutely! Coordinating outfits and accessories can take your baby's style to the next level and make them shine even brighter. By choosing complementary colors, patterns, and designs, you can create a cohesive and fashionable look for your little one.

Start by selecting outfits that have similar color palettes or patterns. For example, you can choose a striped shirt and pair it with pants or a skirt in a matching color. This creates a harmonious and put-together appearance.


Japanese Muslin fabric, particularly double-layered (Double Gauze) fabric, offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for baby clothes.

The double-layered construction of Japanese Muslin fabric provides added durability and helps the clothes maintain their shape better. This is particularly important for baby clothes, as they go through frequent washes and wear. The double-layered structure also adds a bit of thickness, providing a bit of insulation without compromising breathability.