Blue Raglan Shirt Shorts Set

Giá thông thường CHF 17.80
Giá bán CHF 17.80 Giá thông thường CHF 22.30


The modern and robust design of this outfit makes it ideal for children to wear to school and for playtime. The combination of different fabrics and seamless blending of colors on outfit details adds visual interest and style.

The shorts are designed with a soft waistband to provide comfort and prevent any discomfort or abdominal pain. The roomy fit allows for ease of movement, ensuring that children can play and engage in activities without feeling restricted.

One practical feature of the shorts is the small pocket, which provides a convenient storage option for children to keep their belongings safe while they're on the go.


This outfit is specifically designed to allow ease of movement and embodies a summer style. The raglan design is a key feature that enhances the overall aesthetic of the outfit. With contrasting colors between the sleeves and the body, it adds visual appeal and creates a modern and trendy look.

The raglan design also provides functional benefits by allowing for better freedom of movement in the shoulder area. This makes it suitable for active children who want to play, run, and engage in outdoor activities during the summer.


The outfit is crafted from soft and breathable modal cotton material, which is known for its exceptional comfort and breathability. Modal cotton is a fabric that combines the natural fibers of cotton with the softness and silky feel of modal. This blend creates a fabric that is gentle on the skin, making it perfect for children's sensitive skin.