Bear Print Cotton Long Arm Pullover And Pant Set

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The shirt in this toddler set is adorned with an adorable bear print, adding a playful and charming touch to your little one's outfit. The print enhances the overall appeal of the ensemble and brings a sense of joy to the design. With long sleeves, the shirt provides warmth and protection, making it suitable for cooler seasons or when the temperature drops.

The pants in the set are crafted from the same soft and breathable cotton fabric as the shirt, ensuring maximum comfort for your child. Cotton is a natural and gentle material that feels soft against the skin, allowing your child to feel at ease throughout the day. The fabric's breathability helps in regulating body temperature and preventing overheating, promoting comfort during playtime or activities.

To ensure a secure and adjustable fit, the pants are designed with an elastic waistband. This feature allows flexibility and adaptability, accommodating your child's movements and ensuring a comfortable fit that won't restrict their play or movement.

This toddler set offers a balance of fashion and practicality. It allows your child to move freely and play comfortably while maintaining a cozy and stylish appearance. The combination of the bear print, long sleeves, soft cotton fabric, and an adjustable waistband makes this set both fashionable and functional for your little one.


This toddler set is made of cotton material, a natural and versatile fabric known for its softness, comfort, and breathability. Cotton is a popular choice for children's clothing due to its numerous benefits.