Newborn Blue Snap Button

Giá thông thường CHF 17.80
Giá bán CHF 17.80 Giá thông thường CHF 22.30


This set is designed with an offset closure design, which is particularly beneficial for keeping the baby's chest and belly warm. These areas are sensitive and require extra care and protection. The offset closure provides enhanced coverage and insulation, ensuring that your baby stays warm and cozy.

The elastic waistband in this set is soft and stretchy, offering a comfortable fit for your baby. It gently hugs the waist without causing any discomfort or tightness. The stretchiness of the waistband allows for unrestricted movement, enabling your baby to play, crawl, and explore with ease.

The sturdy snap buttons used in this set ensure a secure closure. They are designed to withstand regular use and ensure that the outfit stays in place. The snap buttons make dressing and undressing convenient for parents while providing a reliable fastening mechanism for the baby's comfort and safety.


This set is made of Nu Choux fabric, which is known for its exceptional qualities. Nu Choux fabric is soft to the touch, providing a gentle and cozy feel against the baby's skin. Its lightweight nature ensures that the baby feels comfortable and unrestricted in their movements.