Pull Over White Set

Giá thông thường CHF 17.80
Giá bán CHF 17.80 Giá thông thường CHF 22.30


This convenient pullover set is specifically designed to save mom's time during clothing changes for the baby. The pullover style eliminates the need for complicated closures, making it quick and easy to put on and take off.

The set includes both loose shorts and elastic tight pants, providing options for different occasions or preferences. The loose shorts offer a relaxed fit, allowing for comfortable movement and preventing skin ridges. On the other hand, the elastic tight pants ensure a snug fit without being too tight, providing flexibility and ease of wear.

At the front of the chest, a simple button is incorporated into the design. This button serves both as an accent, adding a touch of style to the outfit, and as a functional feature. It allows for the expansion of the neckline circumference, making it easier to dress the baby and ensuring a comfortable fit around the neck.

With this pullover set, mom can save time and effort during clothing changes while ensuring the baby's comfort. The combination of loose shorts, elastic tight pants, and the convenient button accent contributes to a practical and stylish outfit choice for the little one.


To create a coordinated and stylish look, this outfit includes matching wide sleeves and pants. The wide sleeves add a fashionable flair to the design, while the shorts complement the overall aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and put-together appearance.

In addition to the coordinated look, the outfit features a slim and lightweight front neck button. This button serves a practical purpose by aiding in widening the neckline circumference. It allows for easy dressing and undressing, making it convenient for parents and ensuring a comfortable fit around the baby's neck.

By incorporating matching wide sleeves and shorts, along with the slim and lightweight front neck button, this outfit offers both style and functionality. It not only provides a coordinated and fashionable look but also prioritizes ease of dressing and comfort for the baby.


Made from Nu Air fabric, this set prioritizes the baby's comfort with its softness and breathability. Nu Air fabric is known for its excellent airflow capabilities, allowing optimal ventilation to keep the baby cool and comfortable, particularly during warm weather or active play.